Thursday, June 11, 2009

Movie time: Early morning bush taxi ride

Let me make sure this is clear: I hate riding in bush taxis. They are dangerous and they are uncomfortable. However, we don't have other choices, most of the time. So here's a video from the back of one. Don't be misled by the seeming lack of people in the back of this truck- I have never, ever seen such an empty truck here! Chalk it up to the early hour and the direction we were going-- away from a market town. The road was pretty clear, and we felt relatively safe, so I relaxed and enjoyed the wind. And so did Meaghan.

OK, this is a more sedate ride; actually we're still loading up:


Anonymous said...

It's been a little while since I've been able to visit your blog and I just noticed the photos of the women on the side bar of the blog--how adorable!

slim pickins said...

girl, you make me laugh...your sweaty self in those mysterious glasses.

this reminds me of riding in a taxi in israel, with the poor man who was already occupying the taxi trying desperately to not touch any of the females getting into the taxi (my mom, my sister, me...) - not very easily done when you are squozed in like that!

Anonymous said...

As a mother of a PCV, all I have to say is YIKES !!! That Bush Taxi Ride looks fast and scary. I did not get to ride on one when I was there. Now I know why. Krista did not want to give her mother a heart attack.... :):)

Krista's Mom

Kerry said...

Egads! I know: that fast ride on top of the truck looks a bit wild, doesn't it? The bush taxi is undoubtedly the most dangerous aspect of being a pcv in Niger, far outstripping any worries we have about terrorism or other threats to safety.

Anonymous said...

Did you see your Photo on the IOWD Web Site?? Good Pic....

sherri/Krista's mom