Monday, November 10, 2008

The 16-mile walk

The other day Narba and I walked a total of 16 miles to visit a woman who fell off her motorbike near our village. It was a pleasant walk; both of us were in good spirits, and the weather was nice. Narba carried a bowl with nine eggs in it to give to the lady, and I sneakily videotaped her walking through the sand. We walked the two hours there, stayed for 45 minutes, then walked back. Most of the walk home we debated the merits of getting a horse or a camel: a very fun conversation to have with Narba. The verdict was that most likely I will not be getting either, but IF I did, Narba recommends a camel, because they are easier to take care of. We'll see about that. Camels are really expensive.

Camel market, Badigishiri


Chrystal said...

Oh, but having a camel would be so cool! Maybe we should all pitch in and help Jessica buy one.

Kerry said...

It does sound pretty amazing. But what if she became attached and insisted on shipping it home? We have ended up with her other pets! Somehow a camel does not sound easier than a horse.