Friday, August 14, 2009


This is the oldest person in the village. Her name is Tunno, and she walks around every morning before the sun heats everything up. I didn't see her once for my first year, and only heard stories about "Tunno, the 130 year-old dawn-walking woman". Finally I met her- Ayuba, pictured here with her, ran to get me one morning when she made it to our side of town.

She told me that she doesn't see very well, and that it's because of all of the tears she has cried for all of her friends and her family who have died.

That made me sad and heavy, but then Ayuba promised to buy her some sandals, so she wouldn't have to be barefoot anymore, and that cheered both her and me up.


Si's blog said...

Interesting. Read the story that Ed (Chicken Fat) posted today ( As I said, interesting.

Si's blog said...

Mentioned this in my post for today.