Saturday, January 10, 2009

Home cooking

I eat dinner with Narba's family three or four times a week. It's usually tuwo, sometimes wake (cowpeas), and a couple of times we've had dankali (sweet potatoes). Narba and I sit together, a bowl of food shared between us. The rest of the time, I cook for myself. I eat breakfast while sitting on the front stoop of my hut (usually oatmeal if the store in Konni is selling it). Lunch is usually couscous or noodles with available veggies. I buy couscous in Tahoua, noodles from Ibrahim or Ado, and vegetables from the Illela market if they've got any.

A meal of dehydrated potatoes & veggies, cooked over my propane stove

From May through August, I couldn't find any fresh veggies, and relied heavily on those that I dried previously and dehydrated veggies from home. Dinner is the same. Sometimes I have company for meals; anyone who comes over while I'm cooking is subject to it! They like a lot of what I make, but nothing tops


NIGER1.COM said...

well did you tell her Konni has a cyber cafe and she should ask for KADRU ( BOROU 's SON ) tell him that Moussa sent her

Kerry said...

It is exciting to hear that Konni will have internet access: all of the volunteers in the region will be pleased!