Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is the dog that likes to follow me out of town.

A bit about dogs. Most of the dogs here look like a distinct breed. I've only ever seen two or three exceptions to this seemingly standard dog; fortunately the canine majority is not only an attractive sort, but also is generally sweet-tempered and affectionate. Probably a dog or two has shown up in random photos that I've sent home. It most certainly looked like this: skinny and tall with the lanky, lean form of a greyhound or a saluki, a long snout, eyes lined in black, giving it a Disney character/Egyptian look, with a tan or reddish body.*

When healthy, these guys are gorgeous: shiny and strong and fast.

Mama and puppy in Hamdallaye

*[This breed may be known in Europe and the US as the Sloughi, or is at least very closely related to it. KB]

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