Friday, March 27, 2009

What's up with the grain bank

The next few posts will be updates on my 'official' work here. It's true, I am technically a 'Natural Resources Volunteer', but in real life the technicality of that expands generously to include all kinds of projects...basically, I can do, or can try to do, anything that my counterparts and friends in the village want to do.

Grain bank committee in front of the grain bank building

Grain Bank: Lots of news here! We opened the bank for general viewing last week; most of the women hadn't had a chance to see all of the grain yet. It was exciting- all 65 bags are there, in giant white stacks of blessed insurance against hunger. The women crowded inside the building and were reluctant to come out; everyone wanted to count them for themselves. We discovered that a few of the bags have bugs in them, which is both a bad and good thing: bad, obviously, because nobody wants bugs in their food. But good that we saw them, because now all of the women know and will bother the committee about it until the problem is fixed. So, that's cool. We won't open for business for a few months. There's actually quite a lot more that I've been learning about food security here, and I'll share it with you later.
(Next up: environmental educati0n)

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Reya Mellicker said...

I'm so happy to know you're out there doing these amazing things! Looking forward to reading about what happens next. Bravo!!