Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Congratulations, Hadizatou Mani

The US Department of State has a blog called Dipnote. Dipnote? Well, anyway, if you check it out you can read about Hadizatou Mani, a Nigerien woman from the Tahoua area of Niger, not far from Konni. Hadizatou, the daughter of a slave, was sold into slavery in 1996 at the age of 12 for $500. She was named a "Woman of Courage" in March of this year, and more recently she made Time's list of "The World's 100 Most Influential People." In this article, author Zainob Salbi says:
It is not easy to know you are worth more than what you are being told, to know you have the right to stand up against injustice, to know the world is still beautiful and safe despite its horrors. Not too many of us have the constitution to stand against power as Mani did when she took her country to a West African court for failing to enforce its own laws and denying her right to freedom. "I knew that this was the only way to protect my child from suffering the same fate as myself. Nobody deserves to be enslaved," she said. And she proved it when she won her case in 2008.

Congratulations, Hadizatou Mani.

Photo: Win Mcnamee/Getty


NIGER1.COM said...

Is this Mama Bliss or SAmsiya writing this

Kerry said...

Good question. This is probably only the third time I have written a post on this blog! Mom here. Jessica is out of touch and away from the internet now.