Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Community classroom photo update

The classroom is FINISHED and it is realllly nice- shiny green doors, smooth cement steps, a roof and walls... I will send pictures asap! THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!! Letters from the kids of the village soon to follow-- if you donated to the project via check and would like a card, please send me your address! Otherwise, if you donated online, I think I have it.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures taken by my dad in early August:

This is the old classroom; the roof is made of millet stalks.

Inside the old classroom.

Bricks, handmade, and drying in the sun. They had to be sprinkled with water as they cured.

Plastering the wall


It was a lot of heavy work

Me with part of the crew in front of the new blackboard

Putting in the ceiling. This is so much better than millet stalks.

See? It looks so nice.

Working on the door frame

The building, not yet plastered or painted, from a distance.

With the crew


slim pickins said...

Omigosh, it looks SO GREAT! i am so very proud of all of you...just amazing. and handmade bricks...yeah, baby, that is one well-made classroom (hey - did any of the kids get to help?).

Merry said...

Halleluia!! It is beautiful!! Much, much nicer than our school in Mendi! I'm so happy for those lucky students!

Marilyn said...

This is so exciting so see it! It looks wonderful. xo Mame