Friday, November 20, 2009

Abrupt and Unexpected

Due to sudden security issues, all Peace Corps volunteers in the Tahoua-Konni region and many volunteers country-wide were permanently removed from their villages earlier this week. I will post more detailed information about this when I can.

For now: we are all safe, together, and increasingly able to address the imposing number of emotional and logistical adjustments that we'll have to make eventually.

I feel fortunate that I was near the end of my service here, and therefore had already started the Goodbye Conversation with many friends. I was lucky, as well, to have almost 3 hours advance warning that a car was coming to get me; I got to pack some things and say goodbye to the hundred or so people who waited with me. Rahman almost made it into my backpack undetected.

Again, I will write more about this when I can. It's a little too soon to try to process it now, especially with an audience. But thanks for checking in.


Lynn Adams (Ryan) said...

Jessica - Thank you for sharing! I found your letters and pictures amazing and heartwarming. What a wonderful experience. My son (also an Oregonian) started his PCV journey to Niger in October 2009. I am hungry for any news I can get. I was able to talk with him for the first time this morning - he made my day. Under the current situation I hope that the PC can remain in Niger and be safe. The parents have started a blog check it out

Thank you again and good luck to you. Lynn Adams (Ryan's Mom)

Patricia said...

Jessica, Thank you for the update. My sister has talked to Chad a couple of times. We're all praying for y'all. I am so sorry you didn't get to say your formal goodbyes to your friends and "family" there. I hope thing settle down, so you can gather your belogings and see your people before you come back to the States. If you see Chad Morrow, give him a hug from his Aunt Pat, and tell him we love him. Love you too, Girl. Keep us all posted, if possible. Pat Davis

stacy said...

be well, be safe

emily's mom

Bobbie (Dacia's Mom) said...

It is helpful to us, the parents of the latest stage of trainees to Niger, to have read your stories, hear of your love of the people, and the successes of your hard work. I think my daughter, Dacia may have visited you during the demystification tour. She mentioned your area and being so impressed and inspired by your work. Best wishes from us through this trying time of separation.

Anonymous said...

Wishing all our PCV children from Niger a safe passage home...

Krista's Mom

Patty said...

Hope things turn around. I have been in those situations. They are sad and scary but a photographer's job is to document, so I had to carry on.

Stay safe, my friend.