Thursday, July 31, 2008

A cabbage, and more

On Tuesday I left the village at 6:30AM on my new stallion, a brand spanking new red and white Trek bicycle. We handled the 22K to Illela in style; it took two hours! Lots of bumps, a few sandy patches, and thankfully, no close calls with trucks overflowing with people en route to market. John joined me where the road passes his village; we arrived in high style, and spent the day rehydrating, eating street food, and buying "groceries" for the week. For me: a cabbage, two mangoes, carrots, dates, two eggplants, and a little pile of sweet potatoes. I didn't expect to have so many veggies this time of year; it was such a relief. I strapped my wares on the back of my bike and bumped my way back home over the hills. I arrived in my village just before sunset to a crowd of kids. "Samsiye, you came back!" So happy.


Marilyn said...

What a great post. I love the picture of Jessica. Its kinda great she got a new bike since I sent her that pillowcase with bicycles all over it!

Kerry said...

Thanks Marilyn. Her bike is going to be a really good and, hopefully, trusty friend. So the bicycle pillowcase is perfect! (Nobody but you would have thought to send a bicycle pillowcase...)