Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home Repair

So, after hearing the name Malika, I spent all morning helping cut potatoes and onions next to a hot fire in the sun, making a heaping pot of sheep-meat soup. I left periodically to come ooze gratitude for the crowd of young men who spent the morning repairing/preparing my mud house for rainy season. They were on the roof and all over, smacking glops of new mud, which will hopefully keep out any leaks once the downpours start. They did a hero's job; I took their photos, and gave them candies, and mixed up jugs of Kool Aid (which was spectacularly popular!) I tried to help them throw mud, but they pretty much really didn't want me to get I just popped in every hour to thankthankthank them.
By 1 PM, when the food at Aisha's was done and served, I returned home to a very-ready-for-rain house. Aisha sent me home with a huge pot of food, way more than I could eat today, so I filled up and gave the rest to Rabi. She just darted home, and gave what she couldn't eat to her family...a little goes a long way. Thank you Mr. Sheep. And thank you, young men of the village.


NIGER1.COM said...

That s nice , Thank you Samsiya for informing us about Konni

Marilyn said...

I love the name Malika and what a team helping fix the walls and roof. What great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

the pics really help to show what she's explaining about her house prep/repair. thanks!