Sunday, November 2, 2008

Split pea mush

Pasta (and some tuna from a care package)
I have gotten into the habit of photographing meals that I have cooked that are particularly delicious. For instance, today I made a split pea stew/mush with peas you sent, potatoes, onions, and cabbage that I dried last April, and BACON BITS from an ingeniously engineered care package. (Thanks, mom! The peas cook in under 15 minutes.) Dee-licious. But don't tell my neighbors that I'm eating pig, especially now that it is Ramadan.

Peas, beans, etc.

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Kerry said...

OK, well, it doesn't look super-great to me. But then, I have not been subsisting on millet and oatmeal for the past 10 months. I guess that would help quite a bit.