Sunday, May 25, 2008


I know this picture is blurry and gray, but I love it. A group of sweet, enthusiastic boys helped me clear the remains of an old shade hangar one evening, just before sunset. They ran back and forth, all of them flushed with the excitement of helping.

You might wonder: what about the kids? There are a lot of those. Some of them go to school for a couple of hours a day (mostly boys), but a lot of them play and goof around with neighbors and friends. There are no structured "activities" outside of school for kids in my village. The end result is that kids are able to entertain themselves for YEARS with little more than a companion, and perhaps a can or stick. They make awesome toys out of used tomato paste cans: at night I can hear them racing down the street with their little metal "ponies."


Peggy said...

incredible photo! much more than if it had all been in focus. Thanks for posting it. Peggy

Kerry said...

Yes, I like this crazy photo, too. It captures the situation, and all of the energy of a crowd of little boys! We were glad to get a handful of photos from Jessica this past week. She is in Niamey for some training, and it is the only place she can send pics. The Konni internet transmission cannot handle photos.

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