Thursday, May 8, 2008

Morning run

Some mornings I get up and go for a run. That was another, earlier wonder of mine: would I be able to run here? Geographically? Culturally? Happily, yes! There's a laterite road that is not too sandy, and perfect for running!
It's coolest in the morning, so I'll take off either north, towards a mesa with a view, or south (no mesa, flat, still a view). People are used to seeing me run now; they understand I do it to keep my body strong. It's true enough that running in general is unusual here outside of soccer games. People simply don't do it, not for sport (they have enough physical work to do that running in free time is a ridiculous notion), and not for the sake of getting somewhere quickly. I saw a guy running in a different village a month or so ago, and I stopped in my tracks: what was he doing?? Well, it happened that he is that village's "crazy man" and he does taboo stuff, like run around from place to place. So. You see, running is not a hobby, except for me and that man.

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