Monday, August 25, 2008

Growing things

Morning time. Let's see. What might you want to hear about? There's so much more to say now that I am back in my village. Yesterday I spent the morning chopping up the hard
sand and clay in my concession to start some garden beds. I bought a kwassa at the Konni market: a hoe-like tool that can handle this solid, cement-like surface. Ibrahim came over--my village counterpart, the wonderful old guy who explains proverbs, and traps rats. He was delighted and amused by my work. He brought over a couple of buckets of manure from his home, which we used to mulch the moringa trees I outplanted. And--this is exciting--he also supported my idea to plant some millet in my concession as well. I have so much space, and it is fun to fill it with growing things. So we planted 2 short rows of millet, and now that I know how they do it, I might plant some more. Cool, man. Didn't plan on doing millet, but once I realized I had plenty of room, why not? Plus, now when folks tease me about not having a field, I will have a way to save face.

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