Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday night at the movies

I take Lariam, my anti-malarial pill ,on Wednesdays; the main side effect seems to be extremely vivid dreams. The dreams aren't necessarily bad, just vivid and realistic. A friend of mine referred to Lariam-night as "Wednesday Night at the Movies," and it's true! So here is what happened in my dream:

There is a huge rat standing upright. He is the size of a human adult, and we can look each other in the eye. He is dressed in a suit! Remember that book by William Steig? Mr. Rat looks a lot like Doctor De Soto, and wh
en I approach him with a bowl in my hands, I say: "Here. Please take this bowl of food and don't come back!" He takes the food, and I wake up.

I haven't actually seen the Giant Rat since. He is still around (those tracks...), but now I wear earplugs at night so that I won't hear him lapping up water when he stops by for a drink.

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Linda said...

wow impressive a little confusing story but it s all good