Monday, August 4, 2008

Since the rains came

Kournaka Laterite, originally uploaded by
More Altitude
My village has changed since the rains came. I am sad to have missed those first big rains. It was enough to fill the seasonal lake east of the village, and everyone has planted their fields! The millet is already several inches tall. I don't know how much water it needs to make it to harvest, but I am sure it can't hurt to hope for more rain. Last year the rains came early, everyone planted, and then it was so long before the next rain that some of the crops died and people had to plant again. It wasn't disastrous, but I hope it doesn't happen that way this year. In some places, something akin to grass is even growing. I am reminded of how normal it is for the ground to be green at home, and how special it is here. For five months, all my feet have touched is sand.

Click on the photo, taken on a road near Maradi in August, 2005, originally uploaded by More Altitude. Read the description of the food crisis at that time.

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