Thursday, September 4, 2008

A cranky whiner without an audience


SO****I'm actually a bit of a cranky whiner today, although I have no audience at the moment. Except this paper, and, eventually, you. Which do you think is worse: being around a grumpy person, or getting a letter from one? I mean, by the time you get this, my mood will hopefully have improved.
After careful thought and deliberation I have identified the source of my angst, the cause of my pitiful attitude, the root of my raging anger: the mosquito, or some stupid insect that bites/stings is causing me to extract less enjoyment and fulfillment of life than I am accustomed to. I would estimate that this welt-inducing six-legged creature is responsible for deceasing my overall happiness by approximately10-15% today, possibly even more. And the irony? I haven't even seen a mosquito yet, but they are attacking me in my sleep, as I lay unawares, dreaming of lollipops, kittens, high-speed internet, and cheese. Bastards! And seriously: if it is this bad already, imagine how itchy and furious I'm going to be in a month when the little jerks come out in teams. I shudder at the thought. There is something sick and cruel about waking up to an otherwise beautiful morning with big uncomfortable bites to inform you that the protective barrier of your mosquito net failed miserably in the night. OOOO, I AM PISSED! I could go on and on! I will! Do you know how many bites I have on my right arm, shoulder area included? Twenty eight! Two of which are huge! *#@!% I am a disgusting and cranky monster. I am going to stop writing now because my frustration is increasing rapidly!

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NIGER1.COM said...

well , I am a nigerien in the Usa
so here is my reverse version
the Nigeriens mosquitoes are smarter than the americans ones
when i was in florida on vacation , i notice some very lazy and huge mosquitoes who fly around and don t even bite any time you try to hit you get them , and so they are friendly mosquitoes that should not been killed because has no virus in side of them
There are more than 2,700 species of mosquitoes in the world, and there are 13 mosquito genera (plural for "genus") that live in the United States
You know I caught malaria twice in My life and it s no joke
after malnutrition it s the numberone killer in Africa