Monday, March 10, 2008


Last night was a study session, and somehow I was chosen to facilitate it. Weird. It is a cool language. It luckily has a fair amount of structure, so I think once I learn all of the rules and get some vocab, it'll be relatively straightforward to use. Here is my intro:
Sannu! Sunana Samsiya. Ni mutummia Amerika ce, daga Oregon nike. Ni dalibi ce, bisa dutsi.
Hi! My name is Samsiya. I am American. I'm from Oregon. I'm a student on the hill.
Ina de shekard ashirin da biyar; bani da arme. Nwata ukih Amerika sunanta Kerry; babana sunanshi John.
I am 25 years old; I'm not married. My mom in America is named Kerry. My dad is John.
Bani da ya; ina de kanwa da wa; suansu Ben da Christopher.
I don't have any sisters, but I do have brothers. Their names are Ben and Christopher.
Cool, huh? Oh, and: Karenna sunansu Eddy and Reuben. (My dog's names are Eddy & Reuben.)
I have also learned a bazillion greetings (used constantly) and I can say stuff like "Yikes, it's hot," although it isn't too hot yet. At night it's cold. I'm so glad to have my sleeping bag! It heats up in the day, but in the shade it's quite pleasant.

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