Sunday, March 9, 2008

PC Training Staff

Suffice it to say that so far they are EXCEPTIONAL: prepared, experienced, direct, and very caring. The country director, an American, came to the training site in Hamdallay yesterday to give out some recognition awards for staff who have been here 5,10, 15 years. The guard, 60-year old Baba, has been here for at least 15 years. I interviewed him today, and learned that he has 2 wives, 8 kids, and he likes helping students (!). The NRM* people (me and 16 others) are under the supervision of Haoua Petite, the Associate Country Director. She's Nigerien, very well-experienced and passionate about her country. She has been very vocal about how relieved she is that we're here, and she emphasizes the good that PC has done for Niger. It's cool to hear that; sometimes I forget about the overall reach of PC and I get consumed by the cross-cultural excitement without remembering the development aspect. In time, I'm sure the "other work" of PC will feel more like "my work."

*Natural Resource Management


Marilyn said...

Thanks Kerry for doing this, it was great to read through all of this stuff. She really does write such wonderful descriptive letters and I was lucky enough to get one in the mail this week which was awesome!! I will write her again very soon. Hugs and kisses to you guys and of course to our Jessica.

Anonymous said...

Kerry, this is great!! Jessica is such a wonderful writer - I can almost hear her voice speaking to me as I read! Her description of the communal eating takes me back to Ethiopia, sharing the wat and injera. And I love the fact that she has had children around her, following her everywhere, teaching her, helping her, LOVING her! How great is that??!! Keep these coming! Love you all, Merry