Sunday, March 16, 2008

Multiple phyla of animals

One of my discoveries from this week is that I have multiple phyla of animals living in the thatch walls of my hut. I have reptiles (lizards), mammals (hedgehogs! and maybe a mouse), and invertebrates (crickets, mostly, plus a few gross wiggly things that I pretend aren't there). Cool, huh!
Hey this reminds me: I was gone most of last week with the other NRM trainees on our tech trip. We visited and saw lots of cool projects (PC and other programs), many of which I'd enjoy copying or adapting if the opportunity is there. We saw several gum arabic and meringua plantations (cool trees, but man, the farmers use a lot of DDT). There was a community radio broadcast, anti-desertification techniques, anti-erosion stuff, and...I SAW WILD GIRAFFES!! They were so crazy looking. Really tall, and much whiter than I'd have thought. AND I RODE A CAMEL! It was actually a very jolting experience, and they're just so tall...but it was priceless nonetheless. Camels are even weirder looking than giraffes. They fold their legs so bizarrely when they sit.

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