Thursday, June 5, 2008

Other afternoons

One of two friends named Rabi, holding a little cousin

Often I will hang out with some younger women at my home. This is one of the only times I have visitors, aside from N'arba, of course. Rabi and Rabi, who are probably around seventeen but not married yet, have been coming over, and I really enjoy and appreciate their company. They are curious and kind. It's nice to have time with females a little closer to my age. In many ways our lives are more similar than mine is to a 25 year old Nigerien woman, who most likely is married with three kids already. The Rabis and I have been looking at books and magazines together, braiding hair, making dolls, and talking.

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Seth and Caroline said...

admittedly, i feel quite moved looking a reading at these great illustrations of Niger. i just so happen to be listening to Ali Farka Toure, and even though im in the confines of an air conditioned office , i felt a connection. thanks Kerry for keeping us posted on Jess.