Monday, June 9, 2008

A tough week

This week, namely the last five days, has probably been the toughest so far. And truthfully it has not been that "bad" by any means. On the contrary. I've had so many more positive interactions and discoveries, and even some mini-achievements in Hausa. What do I mean when I say tough...maybe what I mean is that I am feeling a lot of things and when they're blended together they put me in uncharted emotional territory. Much (most?) of what I'm feeling I have never felt before, so upon reflection, it has been a "tough" week. Not like something rotten, but something really chewy, that you have to really gnaw on before you figure out exactly what it is you're tasting. There, that's it! Do you understand?

One of the highlights of this week: Two of the school teachers and I have informally established a "Teach Jessica Hausa" meeting time in the afternoons, after the 4 PM prayer. We sit on chairs in the shade, and I ask them questions; they are so eager to help, it's really nice. Yesterday I was pooped though, and I got frustrated because I could not explain my question well enough, and we kept going in circles....AAAHHH...I could tell I was going to cry, so I had to leave...but I got it together (yay!) and went back a few minutes later. We never did figure out the answer to my question...but... c'est la vie.


Marilyn said...

Well I am sorry to hear this but I know she will bounce back....A letter (from me) is coming soon and a package too!! that should cheer her up. xo Marilyn

Kerry said...

Thanks Marilyn! I think this whole Niger experience is, at times, just overwhelming. But she is loving it, and she'll be fine. Letters are the best possible medicine.

Caroline and Seth said...

I think that is such a brilliant description - chewy, not rotten. I know that feeling, just so much that is new and so much that you want to accomplish and learn faster than you actually can. Jess is amazing! It is so awesome to hear her savoring the chewiness. -caroline