Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Cholesteric Phase Transition of the First Order (what you get when you type "transition" into Google images)

So today is Tuesday, and it has been exactly four weeks since I moved in. Somewhere along the way I think that I transitioned from feeling "Whoa, this is what my life is going to be like" to "Hey, this is my life!" Things feel more comfortable; it's nice to come home after an interaction, and instead of feeling extremely giddy and hyped-up about the incredibility of it all, I feel calm, glad, understood. The giddiness of being here is still frequent, all the time, almost; but it is tempered by a developing sense of competency. I can see the opportunities to be very content, productive, involved. That is important, just to know that they are there. People have so much going on: they are really tireless in their work, and I am enjoying this chance to join them.


NIGER1.COM said...

where did they move you now
this www.niger1.com
are you far from Konni

Marilyn said...

I am confused, where did she move from? I also wanted to say that I enjoyed the list of ideas for care packages...of course what I sent was not on the list but I think she will still love it!! I made her a pillow case with bicycles on it, a fabric that has made me think of her for quite some time. And then she can dream of me :)

Kerry said...

It is confusing because this is an excerpt from a letter written in April, just four weeks after moving into her village near Konni; sorry for the confusion1

Marilyn said...

Ahhh, I see now. Good not know :)