Thursday, April 3, 2008

A lack of wind

Dry season in the desert

The last week has flown by. It has been exceptionally windy. I think the heat is becoming less of a shock/surprise. The other day it was 98 at around 1:30 PM, but it didn't feel unbearably hot because of the wind. I guess the killer thing about hot season is the lack of wind. I've heard that it's much too hot to sleep, so people end up just staying awake talking all night.
The year here is divided into two main seasons: Locacin Rani and Locasin Damana (Dry Season and Rainy Season). Dry Season goes from November-ish to May-ish, and it has two different personalities. November to February are dry and windy, and night here is cold (really!). March to May is HOT and is also called bazazara, or something hot-sounding. Rainy season is June-October, and I guess it is nice and green in most places, although often the first rains don't come until July or even August. There is harvest season in there, too, right after the rains stop.

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