Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sharing my abode

After the baby visits I returned to my hut and began moving my stuff into place. It's nice how something as simple as a familiar book set on a shelf can make a place feel more like home. I was quite surprised and ultimately pleased (although at first I was against it) to discover that for the time being, I am sharing my abode with a pigeon. He was here when I arrived and I presumed he would bobble his way away, but he seems to like me and I enjoy his company. He is a white pigeon with a brown head and some blue paint on his back (where oh where did it come from?) He is currently perched, roosting, on the wall by my bed. He spent a very long day toddling around my "shower" area and sitting in the shade. Smart fellow. I shall call him Bartholomew. Or Myrtle? Not sure yet.


Marilyn said...

Haha! Only Jessica would love and name a pigeon living above their beds. Thats great. xo Mame

chris said...

I like pigeons.