Saturday, April 26, 2008


So that brings me to everything that's happened since I started living here yesterday afternoon. So far it has been quite a trip. The main character is my neighbor/caretaker/self-appointed surrogate mum, N'arba. N'arba is 70 years old, tough as nails, and has taken it upon herself to make sure that I am properly cared-for here. Because of her, I feel like I have someone looking out for me. She is Kungiya--women's leader--so everyone knows her and she knows everyone. I was particularly thankful for N'arba yesterday. As soon as the car drove off, she took my hand and we started a tour of all of the homes where a child had been born that day. Yesterday I held no fewer than five newborn babes, complete with umbilical cords and exhausted mothers, in the dim and musty rooms of five mud huts. One of the features of my village is that the paths are all twisty and turn-y, with mud walls and homes all over; it's an absolute maze, meaning that I often have no idea where I am relative to my home, meaning that I don't think I'll be able to find all of those babies to check up on them again! Although with N'arba's help, anything is possible...


Wangbu said...

Hi there friend! I am a blog reader from the Philippines. I am happy to found your interesting site. It is really worth visiting.

Kerry said...

Hello, and welcome! I am glad you found Jessica's blog, and hope you come back again.

Marilyn said...

Hi Kerry!
I have been really enjoying this set of blog posts. Its great because I can sort of imagine what it is like...and she reached her village on my birthday which I think is a good sign :) I was thinking about you and John this weekend and was hoping we could get together sometime and catch up, maybe dinner sometime?? Let me know. xo! Mame

Kerry said...

Hi Mame!
For sure!
I'm pleased that you are reading the blog pretty regularly; that's what makes sitting here typing away on these letters worthwhile!
Happy birthday!