Friday, April 25, 2008

Village meeting

It was pretty cool. There were a few kids, a dozen or so old men, and two women ( I will tell you about them later!) Haoua and Mousssa went over a bunch of details about what to expect, and a few caveats. Want to hear them? They are funny:

I. The Previous Volunteer
A. The previous volunteer was really motivated and did great work. (Hi Ben G!)
B. Try not to compare Samsiye to him because it will make her feel bad.

II. The Helmet
A. Samsiye has to wear a helmet when she rides a camel or a motorbike.
a. This led to a long and colorful discussion regarding the following questions:
1. Does she have to wear a helmet when riding a donkey?
2. Does she have to wear a helmet while riding in a donkey cart?
3. How about while riding in a car?
4. A truck? Does she have to wear one there?
B. Samsiye does not actually even have a helmet.

III. Sometimes Samsiye Runs
A. This usually happens in the morning or evening.
B. Don't worry; she is not scared or angry.
C. She is just doing "exercise."

IV. Attending Things
A. Samsiye would like to attend all public celebrations and meetings.
B. Make sure you tell her otherwise she will never know about them.

It was a fun meeting to be at; all of these nice strangers coming to get some info on the new girl. After that, Haoua, Moussa, and Suzannah left. And now, here I am, in my village, making it home! I did not cry as I watched my friends drive away. I didn't feel like it, because beside me and all around me were my new neighbors.


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